In August 2013, FullField Ag, LLC was founded on the principles of integrity and morality. Beginning with a single goal to help farmers finally realize the full potential of precision ag technology.

In May of 2014 FullField Ag invested in UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) technology, employing a SenseFly eBee sUAS to map fields. This allowed us to gain crop vigor maps (NDVI images) and 3D surface models to add to our offerings.

August 1, 2014,  Ag Leader, a top supplier in the precision ag industry, extended a dealership opportunity to FullField Ag, LLC. Shortly after Shad Salmon came on to head our equipment division as a Precision Sales Consultant. By January 2015, FullField Ag, LLC had earned Ag Leader's highest distinction of dealers.  A Blue Delta Ag Leader dealer is an elite precision farming dealership that truly is an expert in the field. Customers will find dedicated, intensively trained support personnel and knowledgeable sales people.

In April 2016 we were fortunate to welcome a Certified Crop Adviser, Adam Pohlmeier. Adam is a Precision Data Consultant, working with growers and their data directly. In continuation of our vision of growth, Ben Fitzwater joined our team as a Precision Tech Specialist in October 2016, followed quickly by Darrin Goracke in January 2017 as our newest Precision Data Consultant. 

By the end of 2016, the realization was made that a larger location was needed due to our rapid growth. In Febuary, 2017 we made the move just 2 miles west of Seward, Nebraska.  This facility has 19000 sq ft. for us to grow into.

In addition to using top-of-the-line products, FullField Ag, LLC uses multiple data sources to identify areas of profitability and areas that need work. Using your own data as a verification tool is the ultimate proof of precision ag’s value. We can determine if that seed treatment makes a difference. What about that fungicide treatment? Was it worth the money spent? How much fertilizer is economically feasible? Remember, it’s the profit that pays the bills.

FullField Ag, LLC draws on 20 years of precision ag experience to maintain a vision of continued growth and success in helping farmers to not only realize the potential, but see how we can increase yields and returns on investment by working together!