• Hi-Res Aerial Imagery (FAA Certified)

    Legal description, GPS coordinates or intersections and expected acres, any other identifying landmarks.

    **Price is per acre**

    FullField Ag employs U.A.S. (unmanned aerial systems) to provide imagery in minutes instead of weeks. Our systems are capable of crop scouting, drainage planning, plant stress mapping, pest pressures, irrigation efficacy, damage surveys, R.O.W. mapping, volumetric calculations, and more. Because we process imagery in house we can use images from your U.A.S. as well!

    We use many types of cameras to obtain imagery. The 2 most common types are:

    RGB (Red Green Blue) picture is what you'd call a standard color image. These images are mostly used for printing large format, volumetric calculation, population counts, elevation mapping, drainage, terracing, tiling, etc.

    NIR (Near Infra-Red) or Red Edge is used to generate a NDVI map (Normalized Difference Vegetative Index) used to map crop vigor. These stresses can be caused by insects, disease, fertility, irrigation, cultural practices, weather etc. This map can then be used to generate an application prescription for maximum efficiency.    

    Minimum Charge $500 to deploy in Nebraska. Contact us for a quote on out-of-state deployment. Before work begins we will review your request for FAA feasibility and locations and reach out to you for scheduling.