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    The versatile Omni agriculture drone is paired with a Sentera Double 4K sensor, taking crop scouting to the next level. This winning combinationallows growers to easily scout crops using a gimbaled, game-changing Sentera Double 4K sensor featuring LiveNDVI™ video capability, rapid image collection, and ability to capture high-resolution, near-infrared (NIR), and normalized difference vegetation (NDVI) data in a single flight!


    Capable of live streaming NDVI video at the field’s edge — while your drone is still in the air, the Omni agriculture drone and gimbaled Double 4K Sensor system delivers crop views unavailable from any other drone and sensor package on the market today.


    The accompanying Double 4K sensor is the smallest, lightest dual sensor available today. Capturing 12MP high-resolution images with an enhanced processor, the Double 4K allows expedited delivery of precise NDVI crop-health imagery, with amazing, precise clarity — like nothing else on the market.


    • Allows real-time decision-making with LiveNDVI video streaming
    • Assists in identifying stressed areas of a field, measuring overall crop health
    • Accurately helps growers to apply fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides based on real-time data
    • Increased operational efficiencies by permitting operators to capture RGB, NIR, and NDVI imagery in a single flight
    • Integrates seamlessly with Sentera AgVault™ 2.0 software to further augment a grower’s efficiencies



    (1) Omni drone
    (1) Sentera Double 4K Sensor – installed with LiveNDVI capabilities
    (1) Battery charger
    (2) Batteries
    (1) Hard-sided case
    (1) Annual AgVault Pro license for AgVault Software


    Interested in adding a thermal sensor to your Omni drone solution? The omni accepts all Zenmuse gimbals.