With nearly 20 years of precision ag experience,
we offer the best of today's technology for your farm from a team you can trust!

Our services include field data analysis by certified crop advisers, aerial imagery using
state-of-the-art UAV technology, smart soil sampling,
and on-site installation, service, and training.

With these services we are able to help you
increase yields and maximize returns on your investments.

Meet Our

Greg Austin: Owner & Chief Consultant
    o: (402)643-4785 m: (402)641-5859 email: greg@fullfieldag.com
Shad Salmon: Precision Sales Consultant
    o: (402)643-4785 m: (402)631-7317 email: shad@fullfieldag.com
Adam Pohlmeier: Precision Data Consultant
    o: (402)643-4785 m: (402)641-1653 email: adam@fullfieldag.com
Ben Fitzwater: Precision Tech Support
    o: (402)643-4785 m: (402)803-4207 email: ben@fullfieldag.com
Darrin Goracke: Precision Data Consultant
    o: (402)643-4785 m: (402)641-2592 email: darrin@fullfieldag.com
Donna Kath: Office Admin
    o: (402)643-4785  email: donna@fullfieldag.com
Galen Roth: Soil Sample/Hardware Installer
    o: (402)643-4785  email: support@fullfieldag.com